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Busy Water App

Art Direction, Ui/Ux & Mobile App Design


About The Project

Busy Water is a critical thinking puzzle game based on amazing water physics. The objective: use pipes, spray, paddle wheels and blocks to help Archie, the fish get back to his tank. To help him, players are immersed in a water environment based on the Montessori method. Busy Water is a cross-platform app that is responsive to iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Open the app on your iPad or iPhone for fun critical thinking puzzles including a “Build Mode” where you can design and share your own personalized levels.

Millimade Busy Water App design


Busy Water app ipad

millimade Busy Water app screens

Project Details

On Busy Water, I participated on the Art direction of the project. I worked also on the Interface and users experience. I created all the assets for the game and artworks for the promotion. The game has been released and promoted by Apple on iTunes Store worldwildly.
It’s available here for kids 6-10 :

Video created by Léa Tabary and me : you can check her portfolio here.

Client: Edoki Academy
Product: App iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch et Apple TV) and App Android
Released date:July 2016
Field: Illustration, Ui/Ux, Graphic Design



millimade Busy Water app screens

Millimade Busy Water App TV


Busy Water Millimade icones


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